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What Is Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is a technique of advertisement on websites through text, visual or audio display. It is a method of conveying messages and is used to target the audiences containing some similar traits to enhance the effect of the ad on the viewers. Three main factors should be considered while advertising your business:-

The Display Advertising strategy has become popular in strengthening the brand awareness of businesses and hence the growth of the same.

What are Display Advertisements?

Display ads are paid ads that appear on the web pages in the form of graphics and visuals. Unlike Search Advertising and Pay per click mechanism in which relevant ads appear as search results, Display advertisements appear while a person is surfing the internet. Display ads can also be referred to as banner ads.

What are the advantages of Display Advertising?

Visually Appealing

 The display ads consist of graphic content that can be designed and styled according to the need of the product or service the company is offering. Audio and video visuals are more effective in grabbing the attention of online audiences as compared to text-only ads.

Spreads Awareness

 The graphic content of ads helps businesses by spreading awareness about product or services that are offered by the company or industry. In a Pay per click ad, the text on the ad has to be read first and then the ad is to be clicked to know more about the business and what they are offering. In the case of a display ad, you can gather information about the product or service only by looking at the advertisement, clicking on the ad is not necessary.

Targeting the right audience

 The primary motive of online advertising is to target maximum people online with relevant interests. With Display Advertising technique, some modifications can be done on the graphic content of the ads according to the needs and latest trends.

Also, some parameters can be specified to grab maximum attention for display ads like which sites they should appear on, which location they appear which niche or market they appear. Doing this helps in identifying the regions and markets with maximum relevance for the product or services that the business is offering.


 Display ads help in benefitting your business by appearing in front of a high volume of audiences, even if they are not searching. Though display ads target a specific category of audiences, the visibility of the ads doesn’t get limited.


Display advertising helps the businesses in by providing data about how many times their ad got clicked online. Gathering information about the ads helps the companies in analyzing their growth and future strategies.


As the name suggests, display advertisements can be put in front of people that have visited your website earlier. Retargeting is a strategy to reach out to the audiences that have already shown interest in your business and who can still consider your business.

With this useful and impactful marketing strategy, you can increase the presence of your brand online and hence, achieve better results.

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