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Any new tactic or technique coming in the business sector through technology would probably get your attention. One of these innovations is eCommerce SEO. It has already crossed my mind to master it, so I suppose for others also; it’s true. 

With the search engines upgrading their algorithms and too much industry jargon; it proves to be a problematic scenario to understand the whole SEO thing. With that said; it becomes all the more important to make people understand the concept of SEO and primarily; the concept of eCommerce SEO. Let’s have a look at it:

ECommerce SEO and its importance today

The process of Search engine optimization (SEO) involves the generation of online traffic from website giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing. As far as eCommerce SEO is concerned; it revolves around the idea of presenting the organization’s web pages among the ten organic search results. That is what you see online when you type in the search word.

What proves to be difficult for businesses is the race for Page 1. The first page of the search results is what mostly people have a look at, for different purposes. They may not click on the other pages to look for the same information. That is why, it is said that higher the page number; lower you would be the traffic generated for it. 

A study carried out a few years ago found that only a small percentage of 4.8 searchers would move on to page two for checking search results. This percentage further drops to a menial 1.1 for the searchers who go for page three. So, it is quite clear as to why having a position on page one is essential. Following the same study; it is found that the top result alone can generate an average traffic of 32.5% for itself. The results also suggested that the second result is capable of grabbing a total of 17.6% organic traffic to its account.

The farther you go down to webpage one; the traffic generated for different results decrease drastically. So, it is not only a game of bringing your company name to the first page. Instead, the game is also about how high are you able to rank your content here. Then, this all comes down to strategise and for you to target your potential customers by keeping a tab of search terms they may use for their work.

OHM Web Solutions's eCommerce SEO includes the following services:

Self-Publishing Information pages

Clients who already possess a website for their business purposes; who intend to keep it updated at an affordable cost can rejoice now. We are proficient in providing an interface through which contents on the client’s website can be managed.

Domain registration, hosting & Email service

We are a part of this ever growing business sector and we understand the importance of domain registration and hosting. Hence, keeping this in mind, we provide you with hosting and domain registration through our linkups with leading service providers.

Aside from this, we are also an excellent choice for maintaining the other related activities that includes DNS changes, renewals etc. All of this is provided without charging any extra fee.

Our company will also help the client manage distribution of emails throughout your office by suggesting Mail Server Solutions that will suit your needs.


A website that is well maintained gives positive results in terms of traffic that is generated online. If at all the client wishes to outsource the work related to web maintenance; our company can partner with you to provide you with a reliable and flawless service. 

The maintenance of the website may range from textual changes, for example changes in contact number, email addresses etc. to regular updating of content online say for example, product catalog maintenance.

 It is amongst those that will continue to grow in the upcoming future. What makes this field all the more essential and tricky is the fact that it involves strategies. These strategies are applicable both at the top and the bottom of the organizations. These strategies are also helpful in enhancing revenue scale for various organizations. 

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Our Affordable Search Engine Optimization Process

While we do our best to explain all aspects of SEO and its impact on your website in a comprehensive manner, we understand that you still may have questions about the way your brand will be managed by us.

From inception to invoicing, with our affordable SEO process, we aim for complete transparency so you remain constantly informed and involved.

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