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What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) as the name suggests, refers to a method of creating a plan or a strategy so as to build and improve the perception of public or an individual about an organization. Reputation Management for an organization has become very important so as to attract customers as well as it is beneficial for the growth of the organization.

Online reviews play a crucial role in today’s businesses. Negative reviews can significantly impact the decisions of potential customers as well as the organization’s reputation and sales. The reviews, whether positive or negative, are widely read and can influence customer’s decision for purchase. This implies that building and improving the reputation of the organization online is majorly about highlighting the positive facts about the company. This is to enhance the brand name and also to eliminate as well as rectify the negative ones.

The primary purpose of Online Reputation Management is to protect the customers from misleading trends and providing them with the material that actually is important and is not buried down by the rumors.

Potential customers can change their decisions for a purchase when they read or get convinced by bad reviews or ratings. This directly affects the company’s name and business. That’s why it is essential to keep your reputation being monitored and leaving a positive impact on the customers.

This need will be growing in the near future since online users are getting connected more and more day by day. There are online tools that track what feedback people give about a particular organization. Monitoring what people say about the organization can be really helpful; some of the online tools include Google Alerts, Reputology, Social Mention, etc. One can build the reputation of the company online and can also opt for the digital tools available online.

Steps to Build a Positive Reputation Online

For an organization to be successful and a business to be growing, one must adopt new techniques and algorithms that will be beneficial for the company’s reputation as well as the sales. So here are some steps to build a positive reputation online:-

Being Active

Establishing social media handles and being socially active on the platforms acts as a booster for any company’s businesses.

Once the accounts have been created, it is necessary to be updating it regularly. Any potential customer willing to make a decision for purchase, firstly checks whether the decision is worth his/her money or not. For this purpose, the first thing done by him/her is researching on the company’s profile, whether the company has a good reputation or not. It is always good to update the social media account of the company’s profile by adding achievements of the company, milestones that the company has covered till date.

This is to build the customer’s trust in their company. Always share short videos of the seminars or meetings represented by the company. PowerPoint presentations can also be uploaded to increase information about the company.

Keeping a check

The very next step for a person handling the company’s accounts is to keep a check on the activities happening on the profile regularly. The review section may contain both positive and negative reviews, so the job of the profile handler is to analyze both the sides. Positive reviews are an asset to the company, whereas negative reviews are either scope of improvement for the company or some fake social media campaigns.

It is more important to keep an eye on the negative comments as they provide the basis on which the problem can be analyzed. Then work should be carried out accordingly so that the positive ones get more notice. The negative comments should not be removed from the comments section as it generates a wrong perception in the minds of the customers. Instead, more focus should be given upon creating a positive presence.

Also, there are comments of advertisements, absolutely irrelevant to that of the company’s profile. They may or may not be removed since there is no harm in deleting such content from the company’s profile.

Replying on every question or suggestion

It is crucial to show respect and being humble to your potential as well as current customers. When someone posts a query or a suggestion, always write a polite and to the point answer, this not only reflects professionalism but also creates a positive impact on the customers. Negative feedbacks or negative reviews should also be treated in a humble manner. This prevents conflicts and also makes the customers comfortable for sharing their further issues.

The answers can convince not every customer, but a sense of trust is developed when the company’s officials hear their voices. The positive posts should not be ignored; instead, they can be used as proof for the quality of the services provided by the organization. Positive reviews and comments should be shared on the social media platforms as an achievement for satisfying the customers. This helps in building a company’s reputation.

Easily Understandable Content

The content that is posted on the company’s account should be easily readable and understandable. This is because every social platform has a variety of users; not everyone understands fancy and complex language. The company should be posting to the point and interesting content for its customers. It is essential for any organization, trying to build its reputation to display what it delivers and not exaggerating on social media for the sake of its reputation.

The organization should always show what it is offering and what it has delivered to the customers. If the content on the profile of the company doesn’t match to the services they provide, the brand’s reputation and sales are deeply affected. To prevent this, the social media profiles of the company should have actual information or content of the services delivered by them.

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