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Pay Per Click

In the 21st century, most of the people have access to the internet, and almost everyone clicks on the advertisements or links that are available on the websites. Every click,and I mean it that every click on an ad or link is paid. It takes less than a second to click on anything available on the websites nowadays, and people even earn from that single click!

Clicks are a primary tool to gather information about the areas of attention and interests of the people around the globe. Don’t you feel so? Well, let us dive into the topic for now.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click or PPC, as the name suggests, is a paid mechanism for online advertising in which advertisements are charged only when a user clicks on it. This internet marketing model is used to drive more and more traffic to websites. Search Engine Advertisements are the most popular forms of pay per click mechanism. In this technique, an advertiser has to pay the publisher only when the user clicks the advertisements. Search engines and social media platforms are the primary users of PPC mechanism. The average money an advertiser pays to the publisher upon each click is around $1-$2. Advertisers have to put their products or services that are offered by them, in the form of an ad that focuses upon a specific keyword or behaviour.

Search Engine Advertising allows the advertisers to place a bid upon advertisement placements in the search engine’s sponsored links when a user looks for a keyword that is related to the service that they are offering. The pay per click advertising model also suffers from click frauds, although many tools have been implemented to prevent the scams that are run by competitive websites or fake websites.

Two main models determining the PPC mechanism are:

Flat-Rate PPC

In this model, a fixed amount for each click is decided between the publisher and advertiser. There is a special rate fixed for PPC according to the content on the website. The website that has valuable content that attracts more visitors on the site, has a higher PPC than that of the one that has content which is not able to attract more visitors.

Bid based PPC

The advertisers compete with other advertisers in an auction hosted by the publisher. Each advertiser places a bid upon the ad placement spot on the website and competes with the other advertisers. The one with the highest bid gets the desired ad spot on the website.

The key factor on which PPC ad mechanism works is targeting the audiences based upon their interests, location, day and time of browsing, and whether they have an intent or not. This helps advertisers in targeting right and hence, earn more.

There are three main types of PPC marketing ads. Majority of the PPC ads appear in the search results.


Text ads contain written copy by the advertiser. They are triggered when users search for any keyword that comes under your PPC campaign.

Display Advertisements

These ads are available in the format of an image or a motion graphic.

Shopping Advertisements

These types of ads contain images of the product and the specifications for the same.

There are several platforms available that offer text, display and shopping ads, but there are three leading platforms:-

Google Ads

As the name, Google ads are the leading PPC advertisement platform by Google. YouTube advertisements are also available through Google ads platform.

Microsoft Advertising

It is the PPC ads platform by Microsoft.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon provides users as well as retailers with the fastest emerging PPC advertisement platform for campaigns that focus upon promotion of products. It is a platform beneficial for e-commerce retailers.

There are many potential benefits for PPC ad-based marketing over the internet. Advertisers can quickly attract traffic to their websites through the mechanism. The process is speedy and is beneficial to the sites with valuable content. While there are many advantages to PPC, there are some drawbacks too.

The pay per click marketing can be costly, depending upon the competition the industry is facing. Some of the ads may even cost $80-$100 per click. Also, the pay per click advertisement technique depends on the volume of the searches. If there are not enough searches for a particular product or service offered by the website, search, and shopping ads won’t attract a significant amount of users. The type of PPC ads that you purchase depends entirely on the strategy for marketing.

If you have a website and you are thinking of marketing using PPC mechanism, you must consider the critical factors before getting into it. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that you should get into the PPC mechanism.

Before going for the PPC campaign, consider your budget, whether you will be able to bear the costs in the long run or not. Always give yourself a reality check and ponder over the risk tolerance factors. It is crucial to be aware of the investment in the campaign and how much you will be able to invest before you start getting a return on investments. When you stop investing, the ads stop producing. Making a proper strategy for the same is crucial.

Also, consider your target audiences and the competition in your industry. It helps in being awareness of different campaigns being run by the competitors. Always ponder over some key factors affecting the PPC ad mechanism before actually diving in.

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