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PSD file or Photoshop Document is the default format in Photoshop to save the data. After saving your file in Photoshop, PSD allows you to work on the different layers of images for editing. Photoshop allows the editor to make the image flatten and save the image into.JPG.TIFF, .GIF format after completing the photo. Once your Conversion is over, you cannot get the PSD file back, and you also can’t do any editing on it. So be a bit careful while editing your picture.

HTML or Hypertext Markup language is computer language used for web page design which will be visible on the World Wide Web. If you have worked on HTML, then you know that HTML is totally about images tags, commands, and attributes. There are lots of tags that you need to remember if you want to work on HTML. But the article is not about HTML or PSD; it is about converting your file from PSD to HTML. Working on a file as Photoshop document and then converting it into an HTML document, that is what our discussion is all about. So let’s go there.


PSD files and HTML files are individually great on their own. Graphic designers need help from PSD and HTML both to make their work look more amazing and attractive and presentable to the world. But making a PSD file and then make it an HTML document will take your action to a height. Now let’s look for step by step work,

Firstly make a high-resolution picture with perfect pixels and do great editing in Photoshop the way you want to make your website look like.

Then look for the slice tool in Photoshop and slice the imagery of your website. Now export it to the web.

Now the work is on HTML. Write an HTML code to utilize the sliced part you export for the web.

At first sight, the idea will look great. But it will become more difficult if you don’t know about the codes or you are not a pro. You need to decide first what how do you want to see your page look like. Work on that part first. Then Do it the way you want it. Make it in Photoshop, then export the file to the web and convert it into an HTML file.

There are so many websites to help you out through all the processes. You can take their help. Or else there are companies and online web portal who will convert the PSD file into HTML document on behalf of you. In other words, you will make the graphic design, and the developer will write the code for converting it into an HTML document. That will be much easier, and you don’t need to work a lot on it.


For those who are trying to design and decorate a website at their choices, this article will help them a bit. It’s good to be independent of your ideas and always try to take the lead for your work. But if you are a beginner coder, then you need efficiency in your job to make a professional touch in your work. So if you are in that state, it’s better to seek help from the online portals else you won’t make it happen the way you want it. Be steady and loyal to your work. Take time to give your work the full priority and get some rough works done before you start working on the originals. I hope you will get help from this article. All the best for your work.


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