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We build a positive reputation for your hotel / restaurant with promoting positive reviews and deleting and managing negative ones. We also help you show up first for desired search results, making sure that you get all the visibility and positive branding that your hospitality services need.

What is Hotel Reputation Management?

In the 21st century, everything has completely been  revolutionized by technology and customers rely upon digital media to gather information about anything and everything. For the hotel industry, it is essential to be connected to the customers and provide them with the authentic details of the services offered by the hotel.

Majority of customers before booking, go through the ratings, reviews and photos of the hotel online, this helps the potential customers in getting a rough idea about how the hotel is, what are the services they provide and if it is worth their money or not. Ratings and reviews from previous customers help potential customers to decide whether the hotel is good or not. For this purpose, maintaining a proper reputation of the hotel is necessary.

A good reputation not only attracts more customers but also gives a boost to the business of the hotel industry. Hotel reputation management has become an essential element for making a robust marketing strategy in this competitive environment.

It takes years to build a good reputation, but only a few bad reviews and comments to damage it. For any business or industry to grow, the critical factor is consistency. The hoteliers must maintain flexibility in updating the social media sites of the hotel to provide the customers with the latest offers and discounts. Updating photos frequently, inviting bloggers, organizing meet-ups can help you reach to an already established audience.

There are many online tools available for the management of the hotel’s reputation. Some steps should be followed to maintain a good reputation online, that is:-

Responsive to comments

For the hotel industry, it is essential to maintain a connection with their customers. It is crucial for a sector which is serving people to be responsive about the positive as well as negative comments. Negative comments are areas for the scope of improvement, and the reply can be in a polite, humble and professional manner. Positive ratings and feedbacks are an asset to the hotel, and the services provided by them and negative comments are the areas which should get the most attention.

Being responsive to social media sites helps in creating a sense of comfort in the customers, that someone is listening to their voices. Also, the content of the website should get updated regularly. All the latest offers and trends should be posted on the sites to attract customers. Always share and repost your best reviews online; this can turn out to be a robust promotional technique for the hotel.


Communication is the key in the hotel industry,and so always be active in communicating with the customers and ask them for feedback. Some hotels and restaurants have started executing a feedback system which gives information about the customer service experience and the areas of improvement.

Gathering good ratings and reviews and management of the bad ones can be an excellent strategy to attract customers. Feedbacks can be asked by either email or by providing a sheet of paper with different criteria and the satisfaction level. Maintaining excellent communication with the customers makes them visit the hotel again and again.

For the hotel industry, it is crucial to maintain its reputation online as it helps in the growth of the hotel. Online tools for hotel reputation management are a booster for this purpose.

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