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300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Creating good content is not enough in this crowded field! You need a digital media partner who can help you stand out by ranking your videos on top of YouTube search results.

From the time Google Penguin and Panda updates rolled in a lot of SEOs, finally it was known that to top the ranking game it is not only to have a large number of links, but also to have a high quality of content that will eventually attract links naturally over time.

Although there is one type of content that is still not much in usage in the world of SEO and that is online video. Moreover, there are a lot of brands incorporating video content in the overall marketing strategies. Most SEOs do not have have a high priority to it. 

Typically, the websites opt for making various other types of content, e.g., images, written content, infographics, etc. If you are capable of using it correctly, video can be a potent form of content. It helps in making a significant contribution to the overall SEO strategy in one or more ways.

What is Video SEO?

 Video Optimization is uniquely the art of ranking a video for a strategically determined set of keywords on Search Engines and Video Channels. In short, Video SEO helps to rate the video through popular video engines like Dailymotion, Meta Cafe, and prominently YouTube plus on popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Also having a high definition video can not alone determine the success. Other factors play a vital role too like the number of times and the number of people who view the video, popularity of the video, number of shares. The other factors include reaching the right target audience, several ratings(Good, bad, or average), quality and amount of comments also determine the success of the video.

Why Video SEO?

It is the Universal age to search and videos are an essential part of the search results. Organically ranking is not enough, and it is vital to produce enough Google “Space” so that it catches the attention of the user and drives the maximum traffic.

Using videos as an element of marketing strategy has a lot of advantages –


The videos should be interactive enough and convey the message more robustly.

Visitor Engagement

Videos are attractive than textual content. People prefer visual content over tonnes of text.

Brand Awareness

Increases the visibility of the brand with reaching larger audiences.

Some Interesting YouTube Statistics -

The facts mentioned above clearly state that the growth of online videos is phenomenal. The fact that these play a crucial role in circumscribing the success of any internet marketing campaign.

Final Words

The fame of online videos gives a significant opportunity for SEOs to get creative in achieving the most results. Producing videos is not every time cheap, but it is not that expensive as people believe it to be wither. If you have marketed infographics before then, you have the ken of affording a video that generates a good ROI for the client.

You need to remember the importance of it when it comes online as a video as, it then produces any other form of content.

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