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Creating a WordPress Theme from a static HTML site. If you prefer your old HTML website design intact, this option is for you. It’s also the most challenging route and requires coding. But, don’t get intimidated. All you need to do is copy/paste the old HTML code into several PHP files.


Convert your static HTML web pages in to a fully functional WordPress driven dynamic theme based website.

We convert your HTML site to a fully functional WordPress driven dynamic theme based website. You don’t have to worry about hours of copy/pasting the content from your current HTML site to WordPress. Ohm Web Solutions does the heavy lifting for you and will carry out the migration quickly. We’ll not delete any data from your existing site but will clone the HTML site on to the latest version of WordPress.

What all do we migrate:

  • Pages – All the pages on your current website
  • Images – All the site images corresponding to their respective content
  • Menu Items – All the links to different sections of your current site
  • Metadata – All the meta keywords, titles and descriptions
  • 301 Redirects – We redirect all your existing URLs to new ones to retain the SEO effort
  • SEO Tags – SEO title, keywords, description of pages & posts of your existing website
  • Posts – All the posts on your current website

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Common Features of HTML to WordPress:

Note: An additional GST of 18% will be applicable on all the services.

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